Monday, May 18, 2009

Not me Monday!

Alright kids it that time again! Not me Monday!, the fantabulous shame-free confession platform blog carnival orchestrated by the equally fantabulous MckMama. Take a moment while not hiding from your children in the bathroom and check out her blog to see what everyone else has not been doing.

My wonderful children have not been having day time slumber parties in the living room all week.

It did not start because the older children wanted to be like the baby.

The event did not lead to far too many hours of said wonderful children zoning out in front of the tv.

And no, those are not chips crunched under my couch. Chips were not the only food Teijah would eat dump out, dance on, and then spread all over my floor all week.

Despite what you may have heard, I do not base which bunch of bananas to buy on which bunch has the best sticker to advertise booby milk, as opposed to which one has the best bananas. (I do not sometimes switch stickers.) And I certainly would not upon eating perfectly stickered banana, place sticker strategically on (tastefully) exposed booby to advertise.


Some of my favourties have not been: Tastes best fresh & I'm full of vitamins.


Mama4Real said...

OMG. The banana thing is over the top. That is SOOOOOOOOO funny!

queen dani said...

:) If there were pictures documenting said banana thing... they would not be on my stupid laptop that did not break... again 2 weeks after returning from the last time it did not break... I have also not stolen My Love's laptop after panicking about what life would be like without a computer. ;p

Shelly said...

Man, that photo certainly looks like a child who's become a t.v. zombie! LOL!

Adelas said...

*gasping for breath*...Banana stickers....boobs... rofl!!!!!

I am SO going to start doing that when the next one arrives. Awesome, awesome post.

Kimber said...

Ooooooohhhh slumber parties are so much fun. Great NMM's.


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