Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Motherhood is..

It's that time again :)

 Motherhood is...

... an over zealous way of insuring ones right to play with toys.

   Yeah. Captain America is totally protecting the 50 ft Woman and her over sized woodland friends from this ferocious T-Rex, while riding a triceratops.  You know because he left his motorcycle in prehistoric times and these dinosaurs came through the portal. Duh.

{Queen D, defining motherhood one blog post at a time}
and ....

Monday, March 15, 2010

So what's the deal with that team in training thing: The letter.

   I am currently training to participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on June 6th. I’m super excited about the event, not only for the physical accomplishment, my waistline shrinkage as I train, or even the weekend adventure the race presents, but because I’m doing it for a cause that is close to my heart. You see I am not just running the ½ marathon as an individual I am running with Team in Training (TNT), a division of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). During the training stage The Team provides me with a coach, training schedule, and support. In turn I raise funds for the LLS and spread awareness. I am optimistic and driven but this is no easy task - not only had I not run more than a mile before I began my training – (I ran 8 on Sunday!), but I also have always tried to avoid fundraisers – and this one is huge!

   The majority of the funds I raise help aide the LLS in their many contributions to fight against blood cancers. Blood cancers seem to run rampant in my family. My uncle Danny lost his fight against leukemia. Several years after his death my grandfather, my father were diagnosed w/ non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma , something that my father was certain was a death sentence – his greatest fear- but because of organizations like the LLS, Lymphomas are considered some of the most treatable, CUREABLE cancers and my dad and grandpa are both considered cured today. Unfortunately that was not the end in 2004 my dad was diagnosed with another form of lymphoma, follicular lymphoma grade 2. This type of lymphoma, though far less aggressive than his previous type, is not “curable”. He currently only receives treatment when he experiences difficulties, but the chemotherapy only temporarily shrinks the growth that has rooted itself around his sternum. Due to the great strides made by organizations like LLS is very possible that this and other types of currently incurable blood cancers within my father’s lifetime, and he may be able to once again live cancer free. That is something that I am willing to fight for, or in this case work my butt off for.

   I am committed to raise $3,000 for the LLS. See? I told you it was huge! TNT has provided me with my own TNT page where you can keep up to date on my progress as well as make donations via credit card. I invite you to be a part of this great accomplishment by supporting me in my efforts and donating as much as you are able. Regardless of the size, every donation counts, moves me that much closer to my goal, and is greatly appreciated. 75% of the funds gifted go directly to the organization. The LLS have 5 priority programs. Each program in some way aides the society in reaching its goal of finding cures to eliminate leukemia, lymphoma, and related cancers. These programs include research, public education, a patient aid program that provides financial and emotion support to patients and their families, community service, and professional education. The remaining 25% is used by the LLS/TNT to cover my training expenses and my entry into the marathon as well as my modest travel, and hotel fee for the weekend of the event.

   I am hoping to reach the majority of my goal before my re-commitment date, April 2, 2010. If you are willing/ able to support me and join in my fight against blood cancers I would appreciate that all donations were made before that date. I will, however, be excepting donations through the first week of May. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated! To make an online donation you can visit my TNT page here, and if you have any questions or would like more information about Team in Training or the LLS feel free to e-mail me at queen {dot} dani {at} yahoo {dot} com.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Motherhood is..

Yep, I finally got around to it. So with out further ado I give you:
Motherhood is.. {Defining motherhood one blog post at a time}. 
I have to admit I was a little inspired by those Parenthood commercials, but it goes a bit beyond that. Seriously, motherhood in itself is truly undefinable... I'm not much for the sappiness - so I'll move on.


Rainbow Push-up pop kisses.
{Queen D, defining motherhood one blog post at a time}

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

If only it were really that easy...

To avoid the certain death that comes along with one's brain blinking too often, I wrestled the pan lids out of Ori's unwilling hands. There is only so much fervent coffee table banging one can take after all, and Hilary was {ahem and is} still sleeping. In an attempt to avoid the eardrum shattering velociraptor screeching that follows when Ori's alpha ego is bruised, I grab the first noise making toy I see {A piece of the Little Peoples carnival, if you must know}. I spin the Ferris wheel expecting to hear music, giggling and best of all not hear my child morph into the ferocious beast he truly is. Nothing happens the screeching begins as I exclaim: "Great someone turned it off because it's fun to make my life more difficult." Okay perhaps I was being bitchy whiny, but anyone who has ever tried to accomplish anything with children in the house should understand, the tiniest malfunction can mean the difference between mommy success and mommyFAIL. So I rush over to close my bedroom door, frustration brewing in my chest. Then Teijah happily states: "Yours life is not difficult, mommy, see? Turn on." {Because everything a three year old does comes with narration.} He turned on the Ferris wheel and gave it to the now content velociraptor. Me? I was in hysterics. Heh, thanks a lot, Teijah... if only it were really that easy.


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