Tuesday, December 15, 2009

of birthdays {and not boo-boo foots} part 1 1/2

So, Hilary insisted on..


having cake on his birthday.

{Fail cake btw, and no, I don't want to talk about it.}




does ...


like cake.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

of birthdays and boo-boo foots {part 1, maybe}

So today..
Marks my fourth year with H,
is the season finale of Dexter
{which I'll be watching tomorrow so shush, please.}
my little squish turns 1,
which means:
a year ago today at this moment I was screaming, loudly, in my bathtub,
we made it a whole year without killing each other,
I am 1 year or less away from being diaper free,
we have officially entered the extended breast feeding zone,
it's time to start really pushing the solid foods.

Ori is weird about food and honestly I don't think he would eat birthday cake, (and I know he's not down with ice cream. weirdo.) so instead of the usual brouhaha I think I'm going to do birthday cookies, Popsicles, and homemade mac&cheese {because he is all about cheese and noodles}.
Pictures may come later.

Poor squishes boo-boo foot still has it's intrusive roommate. Apparently my referral from the hospital wasn't good enough. Jerkfaces. So, because of my insurance, he has to get the referral from his primary care provider, who we have never seen. So, I had to make an appointment... which wouldn't be until Tuesday - which is ridiculous. Luckily we can go in Monday as walk-ins at 7:45 and wait. Then he has an appointment w/ the pediatric orthopedic guy at 10:30.. so hopefully everything works out, and Ori's intrusive passenger will not be with us for much longer.

Prayers are appreciated! The thought of having my little man anesthetizes freaks me out. :( Also my Aunt Linda is in need of prayers she's in the hospital w/ pneumonia and congestive Heart failure. Thanks!

And for now..
I have to juggle some schoolwork, shopping, cookie and mac&cheese baking..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh my poor little Squish-to-the-Mush...

My poor Squish is damaged.
Not in the psychological, he's going to grow up to be Dexter sort of way.
But in the temporarily, moderately, handicapable way.
Apparently all those glasses he threw to their death decided to get him back at him from the grave...
Or something.
I could have sworn that I got it all up.
I'm sure that at this point I really don't need to elaborate,
He stepped on a piece of glass yesterday.

And that piece of glass must have been been channeling Tigger.
You see, this tiny piece of glass managed to spring an inch into his foot.
An inch.
A baby foot.
So, this villainous piece of glass is only centimeters away from being in between his heel bone and one of his tarsals.
So Children's Hospital feels that it would be best for him to see an Orthopedic surgeon.
Someone that is more familiar with "foreign bodies".
Because them searching around "blind" would be "traumatizing".
And that I could make an appointment for a time when I wouldn't have to bring the "other children"
So he has to be anesthetized. Which really creeps me out.
Hopefully they can get him in tomorrow so he doesn't have to limp on his Bday.
My boy is fierce.
He sure gave those x-ray people a fight.
The said they never had "one so hard".
:) he is super strong.
So I gave him Popsicles.

Okay, I probably would have given him the Popsicle even if he hadn't managed to fight off a six foot a million burly x-ray guy... but it was pretty impressive.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She He get it from her his momma Daddy

No there will be no talk of eyes, thighs, or all those other things that are inappropriate for young viewers. I've just been finding myself amused with all the "interesting" things that daddy's seem to pass on to their boys.
Things like:

Nose picking,

Toe nail chewing,

and running around in the nude.

Perhaps while I'm chasing H around with a rolling pin gently asking H not to encourage the boys to eat the boogers, I should remember the things they are getting from their daddy that make my heart smile.

My little men spend half their day being gross boys and wrestling and the other half burping babies and pushing them around in strollers. They aspire to be attentive, loving parents.
They get it from their daddy :) and maybe having a big sister helps.. just a little.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! The tell all, mommy confessional orchestrated by the spectacular Mckmama so that we, the mother's of the world could shout to the heavens our perfection and educate the world on just how easy, and stress-less motherhood really is, or not.

Just to be clear, I did not just wake up... that would be terrible! Could you imagine the kinds of things a mother would wake up to? It would be simply inexcusable! Yes, inexcusable, even if said mommy was up all night tending to a much too sick baby who seemed to think it was cool to morph into the worlds cutest space heater. Unforgivable, even if she finally got the baby to sleep soundly - just in time to wake up to take her oldest to the bus stop. A smart mommy would know better, and would never go back to sleep after such a long night of not sleeping... she would drink pot after pot of coffee, and sacrifice sleep to tend to her dear children. Because I am so not that mommy I did not wake up to Ori chewing on a medicine dropper. I absolutely did not demand: "Teijah, where is baby's medicine?". He did not grin and say, "I drink it!" because he's a dear sweet angel and has never been known to down infants Tylenol, Motrin, or Mylicon if they were left out where he could reach {or climb} to get them. And if he was, I certainly would not have left the Tylenol on an end table, where he could easily scavenge it. Even if I was exhausted and stressed out, I would have remembered to put it back in it's hiding place.
Because I am the epitome of a vigilant mommy, there is not currently a racing stripe on my dinner table. If there was it would definitely not be painted on with Burt's Bee's butt creme, and Handy Manny and his motorcycle would not be using it as a road as we speak. That would be ridiculous, any normal mommy would have cleaned that mess up right away.
Of course, Ori is not still in his night time diaper and woolens... and I did not just get vomited on so taking a shower with the little guy... is not imperative.. right. now.

Want to get in on the Not Me! Monday fun? Well head on over to MckMama's blog for complete instructions {cute button} and to see what she and everyone else is not doing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We interupt our regularly scheduled program...

because I did my Sunday Outtakes post on Friday,
because I just had to share,
because I was bursting.

So instead I give you:

The Day the Zoloft Failed: pictures and commentary

Ori stole a piece of pizza off a tray when I wasn't looking. It was very cute, and so is his new pointing thing.

It took 15 minutes to convince Teijah to sit with the other children to have pizza and cake. He wanted to play instead. the last 7 of those 15 minutes were spent with me going to get him and then holding him in my lap until he got over it. No he didn't get a haircut, and yes, it was during this rucus that Ori stole the pizza.

Rowan E. hung out with A., her bestie from school. Yes, I realize the boys are in dire need of a spray tan... I don't know why they are so white.

Teijah "drove" a monster truck. After a few minutes he started to cry, despite his love of monster trucks. Apparently he's not a fan of hydrolics.

I lost each of the children at least 5 times, and regretted not bringing the stroller and losing my "free refills" cup. Oh yeah, and going, and bringing all the children.

I was thrilled to walk out of Chuck E. Cheese's and into a much colder, grayer day - but not as thrilled as I was to be home.

I watched Twilight {not my picture, duh.} and tried to recover from Chuck E. Cheese's aka Mommy Hell.

The boys..

.. played with the caulk gun, and I tried to get a picture of the children by the tree. Unfortunately Teijah is so white he causes a glare. *lol* so none of them were very good.

It also came to my attention that perhaps, I too am in need of a spray tan... and that until I'm done breast feeding my boobs really are going to absolutely encompass.. everything. *ugh* Soon they will take over... and I'll be some walking, talking, 5 foot 1 and three quarters, boob monster. *sighs*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Outtakes: Proof I need to get these children to church.

Teijah: See?! Mom, Tinkerbell on top of the Christmas tree.
Me: Bangs head against wall.
First Santa, now Disney.


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