Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She He get it from her his momma Daddy

No there will be no talk of eyes, thighs, or all those other things that are inappropriate for young viewers. I've just been finding myself amused with all the "interesting" things that daddy's seem to pass on to their boys.
Things like:

Nose picking,

Toe nail chewing,

and running around in the nude.

Perhaps while I'm chasing H around with a rolling pin gently asking H not to encourage the boys to eat the boogers, I should remember the things they are getting from their daddy that make my heart smile.

My little men spend half their day being gross boys and wrestling and the other half burping babies and pushing them around in strollers. They aspire to be attentive, loving parents.
They get it from their daddy :) and maybe having a big sister helps.. just a little.


Mama4Real said...

HAHAH!!! Look at that Ori! He's a chunk!!! So cute!!!

Mama4Real said...

It took a long time for us to break the nekked habit. I'm glad we did though! Altho, that IS our potty training technique... hmmmm

Hen Jen said...

they are so cute, it's easy to overlook those things!

You asked about preschool materials over at my blog...I would suggest Before 5 in a Row, a gentle unit type study- lite- that takes you through a picture book each week. For the book "Blueberries for Sal" they might suggest baking something together with blueberries, looking up Maine on a map, doing a craft with a bear. it's fun but not too much, ykwim.
For reading readiness, I would suggest Leapfrog Letter factory dvd.
so glad you stopped by a commented!
have a great week!

{Kimber} said...

I love the nekked booty pic!
so cute!


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