Sunday, December 13, 2009

of birthdays and boo-boo foots {part 1, maybe}

So today..
Marks my fourth year with H,
is the season finale of Dexter
{which I'll be watching tomorrow so shush, please.}
my little squish turns 1,
which means:
a year ago today at this moment I was screaming, loudly, in my bathtub,
we made it a whole year without killing each other,
I am 1 year or less away from being diaper free,
we have officially entered the extended breast feeding zone,
it's time to start really pushing the solid foods.

Ori is weird about food and honestly I don't think he would eat birthday cake, (and I know he's not down with ice cream. weirdo.) so instead of the usual brouhaha I think I'm going to do birthday cookies, Popsicles, and homemade mac&cheese {because he is all about cheese and noodles}.
Pictures may come later.

Poor squishes boo-boo foot still has it's intrusive roommate. Apparently my referral from the hospital wasn't good enough. Jerkfaces. So, because of my insurance, he has to get the referral from his primary care provider, who we have never seen. So, I had to make an appointment... which wouldn't be until Tuesday - which is ridiculous. Luckily we can go in Monday as walk-ins at 7:45 and wait. Then he has an appointment w/ the pediatric orthopedic guy at 10:30.. so hopefully everything works out, and Ori's intrusive passenger will not be with us for much longer.

Prayers are appreciated! The thought of having my little man anesthetizes freaks me out. :( Also my Aunt Linda is in need of prayers she's in the hospital w/ pneumonia and congestive Heart failure. Thanks!

And for now..
I have to juggle some schoolwork, shopping, cookie and mac&cheese baking..


{Kimber} said...

will be thinking of you and the little one! :)

Anonymous said...

i feel for you, darlin'. and am prayin'.
isn't it so odd that life throws us such great joy and such terrible challenges?
we just walk through it. don't we?


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