Sunday, December 6, 2009

We interupt our regularly scheduled program...

because I did my Sunday Outtakes post on Friday,
because I just had to share,
because I was bursting.

So instead I give you:

The Day the Zoloft Failed: pictures and commentary

Ori stole a piece of pizza off a tray when I wasn't looking. It was very cute, and so is his new pointing thing.

It took 15 minutes to convince Teijah to sit with the other children to have pizza and cake. He wanted to play instead. the last 7 of those 15 minutes were spent with me going to get him and then holding him in my lap until he got over it. No he didn't get a haircut, and yes, it was during this rucus that Ori stole the pizza.

Rowan E. hung out with A., her bestie from school. Yes, I realize the boys are in dire need of a spray tan... I don't know why they are so white.

Teijah "drove" a monster truck. After a few minutes he started to cry, despite his love of monster trucks. Apparently he's not a fan of hydrolics.

I lost each of the children at least 5 times, and regretted not bringing the stroller and losing my "free refills" cup. Oh yeah, and going, and bringing all the children.

I was thrilled to walk out of Chuck E. Cheese's and into a much colder, grayer day - but not as thrilled as I was to be home.

I watched Twilight {not my picture, duh.} and tried to recover from Chuck E. Cheese's aka Mommy Hell.

The boys..

.. played with the caulk gun, and I tried to get a picture of the children by the tree. Unfortunately Teijah is so white he causes a glare. *lol* so none of them were very good.

It also came to my attention that perhaps, I too am in need of a spray tan... and that until I'm done breast feeding my boobs really are going to absolutely encompass.. everything. *ugh* Soon they will take over... and I'll be some walking, talking, 5 foot 1 and three quarters, boob monster. *sighs*


Hen Jen said...

you have my deepest sympathies, I hate Chuckie Cheese with a passion. Unfortunately, I might have to go there on Monday, a homeschool mom meetup thing. Argh!!

Hen Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by and Commenting Queen Dani! I still haven't decided if I'm going to show up at the Rat's nest..that is how much I loathe it, can't decide if meeting up with nice moms is worth it...

Lisa Curcio said...

I can not even imagine a day at chuck e cheese with my kids lol. Good thing we don't have one close by so I am exempt by default.

Boob monster, hahaha, you crack me up!


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