Saturday, April 17, 2010

of Ori and men...

Bras make Ori very angry.
He has figured out the shirt but the bra still illudes him.
He just keeps staring at it, my shirt lifted over his head crying "nah, nah, nah, nah!" and shaking his head - because that's how he says no and voices his disapproval.
My giggling only seems to heighten his anger...
Ori's tug-of-war with my shirt and anger with the unyielding bra has made me realize that men have a life long battle with gaining access to boobies...
They're always right there... and there is always something keeping them from getting them.
And then someone giggling at them when they fail.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello dear-hearts, I am coming out of my bloggy coma - but not because I've had an epiphany that stuck and I'm suddenly feeling better and totally capable of juggling all my balls... or chickens.. or whatever. I'm here to let you in on a secret... Okay so it's not a secret...
Scary Mommy is having an awesome giveaway for the king of all vacuums on her blog!
Yes king.. vacuums are totally men and you can't prove me wrong.
So head on over here to enter.
Just don't expect me to be rooting for you...
because my vacuum is older than me...
and my mom.
;-p But don't worry I'll still love you if you win, my floors will just be a lot dirtier than yours.


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