Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh my poor little Squish-to-the-Mush...

My poor Squish is damaged.
Not in the psychological, he's going to grow up to be Dexter sort of way.
But in the temporarily, moderately, handicapable way.
Apparently all those glasses he threw to their death decided to get him back at him from the grave...
Or something.
I could have sworn that I got it all up.
I'm sure that at this point I really don't need to elaborate,
He stepped on a piece of glass yesterday.

And that piece of glass must have been been channeling Tigger.
You see, this tiny piece of glass managed to spring an inch into his foot.
An inch.
A baby foot.
So, this villainous piece of glass is only centimeters away from being in between his heel bone and one of his tarsals.
So Children's Hospital feels that it would be best for him to see an Orthopedic surgeon.
Someone that is more familiar with "foreign bodies".
Because them searching around "blind" would be "traumatizing".
And that I could make an appointment for a time when I wouldn't have to bring the "other children"
So he has to be anesthetized. Which really creeps me out.
Hopefully they can get him in tomorrow so he doesn't have to limp on his Bday.
My boy is fierce.
He sure gave those x-ray people a fight.
The said they never had "one so hard".
:) he is super strong.
So I gave him Popsicles.

Okay, I probably would have given him the Popsicle even if he hadn't managed to fight off a six foot a million burly x-ray guy... but it was pretty impressive.


Mama4Real said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! SO SAD! Poor poor baby!

{Kimber} said...

poor little thing---hope they get it out with minimum "trama"

Hen Jen said...

poor guy! Sometimes I think these things are more traumatizing to mom, the kids fight it and then get over it and forget, but moms lay awake at night and feel guilty.

hope it goes smoothly!


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