Thursday, March 4, 2010

If only it were really that easy...

To avoid the certain death that comes along with one's brain blinking too often, I wrestled the pan lids out of Ori's unwilling hands. There is only so much fervent coffee table banging one can take after all, and Hilary was {ahem and is} still sleeping. In an attempt to avoid the eardrum shattering velociraptor screeching that follows when Ori's alpha ego is bruised, I grab the first noise making toy I see {A piece of the Little Peoples carnival, if you must know}. I spin the Ferris wheel expecting to hear music, giggling and best of all not hear my child morph into the ferocious beast he truly is. Nothing happens the screeching begins as I exclaim: "Great someone turned it off because it's fun to make my life more difficult." Okay perhaps I was being bitchy whiny, but anyone who has ever tried to accomplish anything with children in the house should understand, the tiniest malfunction can mean the difference between mommy success and mommyFAIL. So I rush over to close my bedroom door, frustration brewing in my chest. Then Teijah happily states: "Yours life is not difficult, mommy, see? Turn on." {Because everything a three year old does comes with narration.} He turned on the Ferris wheel and gave it to the now content velociraptor. Me? I was in hysterics. Heh, thanks a lot, Teijah... if only it were really that easy.

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Mama4Real said...

Awe! Dear, I'm sorry! But that Teijah, He's a smarty pants:)


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