Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh fudgesicle sticks...

*heh* that's how my mother used to avoid swearing... because she didn't until she got around all of us - teenage potty mouths because that kind of thing seems to be contagious... I feel I should also add that she rarely does - but if she does you know someone has really pissed her off. Anyway, this is not a post about my saintly mother. It is just one of those times where swearing really is called for - except I'm quitting so fudgesicle sticks are in high order.

One hour and forty-five minutes ago I was (in front of all three of my lovely children) fired from the McJob that I was over qualified for but is nonetheless the job I go to when pregnant and/or breast feeding because it is one of the only jobs a person can go to with very picky availability and still get hired on the spot. The McJob that I was only keeping until I was done with school, and the McJob overqualified me could have never gotten fired from... well apparently that is not the case.

So what was it that unfirable, over qualified me did that rendered the unthinkable firing?

I grabbed a couple of coupons... you know the free promotional coupons, those ones where every time you buy a coffee you get a stamp and when you get so many stamps you get a free coffee (yes coffee I am rarely seen eating at said McJob in my free time)well apparently I was "seen at 'other McJob location' using" said coupon. And apparently taking free promotional coupons is considered theft, and as of today I am considered fired.

I do not deny grabbing said coupons, but I do not feel that I stole from anyone... I think that the whole thing is a little screwy and obviously I would not have taken said coupons if I had ever thought that it would be viewed as theft... because stealing is wrong, it's one of the ten commandments - that's how wrong it is... even God says it's bad.

So, I called the McFranchise office to ask if what I had done was in fact stealing, because as far as I was concerned it was not and I would at least like to know if what I did was actually wrong. The McStoreSupervivior is supposed to be calling me back because the receptionist had no idea how to answer my frantic questioning.

How hard is it for a person that has been marked with the scarlet F to get a job? I mean seriously in this economy? Someone who can only work certain hours, someone that needs breaks to pump... fudgesicle sticks.

I have been feeling very stuck and unfulfilled lately, not to mention the whole completely unaware of my purpose in life and what I want to be when I grow up thing... I have also been praying for some insight or relief from it all - that God would do what was necessary to put me on the right path, that I would have the strength to let him...

Is that what this is?

Seriously God?

So I have decided to take this opportunity to seek out another job, one that is not the easy way out... one that could perhaps show me what I am being called to do. Hopefully it pans out soon because with this whole firing thing added to this things are really going to be ridiculously tight around here. *heh* but I guess now I definitely have time to clean the house...

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Mama4Real said...

Well I didn't know about all the praying and asking for guidance stuff... that makes a huge difference in the story I think. Seriously. REALLY. I believe there is a higher plan in all of this *duh*, and that this will be a good thing in the end.


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