Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Me Monday Thursday!

Yes, My Love apparently did not learn to share as a child; and yes, he is addicted to Myspace Poker and Mobsters; and yes, he certainly thinks that his playing them is much more important then my blogging. (Even if it is my only outlet since I never get to talk to real grown ups. Ever.

Now that I've got that out of the way welcome to my much belated Not Me Monday Post! This Bright Shiny (*note to self: stop it shiny does not have an e*) Blog carnival is hosted by our fearless leader the magnificent MckMama, *giggles* who is actually taking the week off. No worries though you can go here to see all MckMama's Not Me Monday Post ever, or you can head over to Mama4Real's blog to see what she has not been doing this last week. Or you can do both and make with the comment love.

I do not have a deep sympathy for cows so when I realized that the heavy whipping cream and the milk were slightly passed their date almost expired I did not make whipped cream and serve it on everything that day from french toast to bananas, and I certainly did not contemplate serving it as a dip for PB&J's (I was not trying to figure out a way to work it into dinner either.) until My Love said he would eat the rest which deprived rescued the children from being forced to eat whipped cream with every meal. I did not buy Hershey's chocolate syrup the day before and then only allow the children to drink chocolate milk in order to save the cow's milk from being wasted.

A few months ago when I discovered a weird manly strength B.O. under "little" Ori's left arm I did not affectionately start referring to him as baby stink pit. I am however, happy to report that baby stink pit Ori seems to be loosing his very random case of man stink and we will not be needing to research gentle deodorants to help him avoid being "the stinky kid"

And I would never put my boys in head bands... nope not me!


Mama4Real said...

Hee hee:)

Mama4Real said...

Sorry. It occurs to me that you probably got emailed that I commented, and that "Hee Hee" would not satisfy me if I were you, getting all excited about a comment (b/c com'on, who doesn't?!) and then coming and seeing "Hee hee"? What is wrong with me?

OK. SO. If I could eat whipped cream with every meal, I would. 100% yes. I'm sure they weren't complaining!


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