Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me Monday!

Well it's come that retched time of the week again my work weekend is over, My Love goes back to school... and I never got to sleep in. Ah, but Monday also brings Not me Monday!, a spectacular blog carnival, composed by the truly amazing MckMama. Take a break - or at least pretend you are while juggling children and stop in to her blog to see what she, and everyone else has not been doing!

I absolutely could not have been spotted at 4:45 a.m, sitting in the dark, compulsively window shopping Etsy, and completely throwing disregard to my lactose intolerance (and the fact My Love sleep with his head under the covers) as I shoveled ate birthday cake ice cream out of the carton... I'm also not currently finishing off said carton of ice cream.

Of course, since I was not up so late last night I wasn't completely caught off guard when My Love was up bright and early because apparently his class started this morning, and I was not going to be able to sleep in - who needs to sleep in when you go to bed on time, right?

Luckily I was not absolutely exhausted when I laid down with the baby to share some booby and put him down for his morning nap. The girl did not keep constantly intrude, every time we the baby started to fall asleep, waking us him up, and making me - who was of course absolutely alert - lay down much longer then necessary. She is after all banned and knows better then to disturb the baby nap time process. Since there was not an exhausted mommy that was forced to lay down way too long, there certainly was also not a mommy that completely passed out leaving the boy and girl to run a muck through out the house.

Of course I was absolutely awake and doing school work, like I was supposed to be so I was not awakened by the boy rummaging through my room (as he often does) for whatever goodies he could find. I also had no idea the found one of the many packs of gum (and anything else kids shouldn't have) that My Love seems to like to leave in the reach of little hands. Since I was studying I could not have seen him take said pack of gum and decided that I was too tired to care and or chase him and that the girls complaining that he had gum and she didn't would be easier to deal with then chasing him down and listening to him scream "hey" repeatedly at an some un-recordable decibel.

And, since I was never sleeping, I didn't finally get up - not to end the gum battle, but to feed the children lunch so I could put them to sleep. I do not &hearts naptime.

Want to join in on MckMama's Not Me Monday blog carnival? Go here for rules and details and then you can be Not Me-ing too!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Naptime? Did someone say Naptime? IN the SAME post as Birthday Cake Ice Cream?! Yum!
Great list!


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