Friday, May 22, 2009

Banana Sticker Boobvertisement

These two have seriously got to be my favourite so far!

*lol* the best!
In other news, He seems to be turning my predicament and my coffee induced dilemma around quite quickly. My Love's dad came today to drop off our fourth (well technically My Love's third and my adopted) and when hearing of my educational woes; told My Love to just use some of the money he owed him from his financial aid to pay for my minimum 6 credit so I will be attending the summer B semester despite the fact I've been McFired. Thank you Jesus, God, Bruce and everyone in between. Awesome.

I have also decided (due to said coffee induced dilemma) that I am officially pledging my allegiance to Starbuck's.. who cares if it costs more... McCafe can bite me.
Hm I wonder if they will give me a part time, only on the weekends, break for pumping job... *lol*
Maybe I should aim higher, but they do give you a monthly *free* pound of coffee of your choice allowance... and apparently I like coffee so much I'm willing to get fired for it. Just kidding.

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Mama4Real said...

HAHAH! Awesome. I knew the whole thing was all part of the 'plan'!

I used to work at Starbucks. It's a really fun, creative job. The key is to find a good manager. Mine was TERRIBLE (she ended up getting fired), and made life there a living hell (I was also pregnant!)

Anyhoo, glad you a.) found your stickers b.) will be going to school and c.) will maybe be getting that free lb of coffee!


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