Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MisAdventures in Cloth Diapering

Ha Ha! I finally got my hands on my loves laptop! Trust me it is a great accomplishment... he is so computer stingy. Seriously when my laptop wasn't broken and his was he had mine constantly. *grins* okay moving on..

(from 5.21.09)So over the course of the last month I have become completely disgusted with disposable diapers and pretty much everything about them; the way they leak, they way breast milk poo gets on his clothes, my clothes, my bed, my arm, and pretty much anything he's sitting on when he decides to "poo sideways" or get excited and frantically waves his arms and legs - which happens often and is usually followed by something else I'm so over: the way he pukes when he gets excited which (I will say again) is often, but that's a different story for a different day.

I also hate the way that all these disgusting, unattractive, disposable diapers seem to get randomly scattered around my house... (usually Teijah is the culprit. He is still in a diaper at nap and bedtimes and tends to take them off and toss them where ever he happens to be standing when he remembers diapers are gross and for babies and he does not want to or should not be wearing one because he is a big boy.) and how when I am working they seem to pile themselves on my side of the bed. I seriously fantasize about exacting my revenge by stuffing My Loves pillow case with a days worth of diapers... but then I remember he sleeps next to me. The whole thing just baffles me because he's so ridiculously neat and tidy when it comes to everything else... which makes me think that perhaps he's doing it on purpose to make some point about something..

So after a ridiculous amount of obsessive research and then settling for "cheaper" fabrics, much more obsessive research, and a slightly embarrassing Paypal mishap; our brand spanking new cloth diaper stash is in route to our sweet little boys deserving bottoms. Personally I can't wait for my diaper stacker to be full of bright, shiny (ok so they aren't shiny), colourful cloth! *heh* and if they get left around the house I know a few boys that are going to be wearing them on their heads.

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