Monday, May 11, 2009

Well it's product placement time!

Well not really - but kind of. Let me just say that I &hearts Garden Fresh Gourmet. They make my absolute favourite (other than my own of course, but it's a close match) salsa. This little company managed to become "America's #1 Award Winning Fresh Salsa" despite the fact their product is only available at a few stores. Their stuff really is amazing! They have a special delivery system to make sure the product gets to retailers as fresh as possible and (as the website boasts) Annette and Jack are still making the salsa in 5 gallon buckets and only using the freshest ingredients... really you should check them out. So I'll get to the point of all this free advertisement: Like I said, Garden Fresh Gourmet has fairly exclusive availability so when My Love forced me to go to the store even though I had to be at work in less than an hour sent me to the store to get a few things I was happily surprised when I saw their salsa hanging out with the cottage cheese. Being highly distractable I stopped for a minute to contemplate why the salsa was fraternizing with the cottage cheese, it's normal home is usually in the produce section... usually next to my favourite hummus (okay the only hummus I deem fit for eating because i don't make my own - yet) What was the salsa doing here and in such questionable company... seriously cottage cheese? Then I realized people were staring at me snapped out of it and noticed that not only did Target now carry said salsa but they also carried a few other Garden Fresh Gourmet products. I quickly decided to steer clear of anything with mayo and decided guacamole was the way to go and man was I pleased! It was super yummy and fresh, and made from simple natural ingredients like I had just made it myself: Hass avocados, tomato, onion, cilantro, salt, and garlic. It was pure avocado bliss! I do recommend eating it within the first day it seems like as soon as you taking it out of it's special stay fresh bag it starts going down hill. :) But that's all the more reason to sit and finish it off in one sitting... sharing of course.

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