Friday, June 19, 2009

To dani on her 27th birthday...

Which was yesterday, but I had to drive all the way across the state and back again yesterday and after 7 hours of driving, lugging 3 children and all there belongings, getting shooed out of the courthouse, and sunburned on one side of my body... well I just wasn't up for making a real post... (and the whole baby eating the fairy thing was hilarious to me and i couldn't believe I had forgotten to post it)

We did manage to get through the day with very little crying,

and the only whining we experienced was big kid "Are we there, yet", "I'm sweaty/thirsty/hungry/have to go to the bathroom" that was only spoken and never uttered at the "whine" decibel and tone.

After daddy was all done with court we all hung out under the huge shade trees.

I took lots of crooked pictures.

I decided to just "go with" Rory's inability to let me get a "natural" picture of her and just tried telling her how to pose...

and despite 3 of her parents (no not a typeo) hippie-like nature, she is not a natural tree hugger.

Teijah found a cool stick and proclaimed "Saber" and proceeded to attack daddy...

and then daddy got him.

Then daddy got baby, minus the "lightsaber".

A good time was had by all, after all it's not often anyone gets daddy time, minus his school books.

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Mama4Real said...

Happy Belated birthday! I didn't realize it was YESTERDAY! :) What were ya'll in court for? I had to go to court for a ticket when Salem was about 18 mths old...they shooed me out too. It was very frustrating, but I got over it when they dismissed my ticket:)


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