Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This was so unexpected,

I didn't even have a speech prepared! *pulls stack of index cards out of amazing push up bra* Just kidding, I can't wear amazing push up bras until I'm done breast feeding. It really is unexpected. I'm sure that at this point you're wondering what the "h" I'm talking about so I'll get to it;
I have recieved my first blog award!

I want to thank all the little people, because well this would be a much different kind of blog with out them... it would be 50 pounds lighter with much, much more swearing. *lol*
And to you anonymous reader who was directed here by google when you were searching for 1 oven, fudgesicles, or fudgesicle coupons (my number one searches, in case you were wondering) thank you for being brave enough to click. I would also like to thank the fabulous Mama4Real who has bestowed this fantablous award upon me, and who is my only most devoted reader. ; I demand suggest you go to her blog now, you won't be disappointed. In fact, you may want to stay a while and catch up.
Now I believe the way this works is now that I have received the award I'm supposed to pass it on to other lovely ladies in the blogaverse;
So, here goes:

To Yix, because you've known me since I was 15 and annoying *lol* seriously. And because when I had a silly little website on geocites when I was 16 (and older) - you know before blogging was cool you would go there and comment on the regular. And because i &heart you in a very hetero way. You pretty much rock.
To Sitala, because you are my sister... and you've put up with me (also when I was annoying) my craziness and my mess, because you bought me cigarettes when I was underage, and because maybe getting you're first bloggy award will inspire you to blog more often *I'm dying to see the doggy panties!* Love you sister, my sister.
To Bean, because you rock and yours was the first blog I "followed" (and the means by which my blogger account came to existence) after finding it while searching for bread recipes (which also rocked btw).
To Jonah Lisa, because I'm pretty sure if I knew you IRL we would be best friends *lol* or at least we would like each other and stumbling upon your blog was what helped me stubble back into this blogging thing.
To Brittney, who I have just "met" or found rather in this ginormous blogiverse and I have to say I'm smitten (in a not creepy way of course) but I'm not giving my soy milk up for anybody Seriously who else do you know (besides me) that would get pooped on, take pictures, and blog about it?
Then again so would Darcie, you my dear are amazing, you have made me "Lmao" and "Rofl* until my sides hurt. So I also gives this award to you. May blogHer accept you with open arms!
Thank you!
Good Night Seattle!

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Such The Spot said...


First of all, had I known you hadn't yet received a blog award I would have made one up and given it to you long ago. And second of all, thanks. Oh, and btw, you should try that push up even when you're breastfeeding. Send the man into a real tizzy. ;)


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