Friday, June 12, 2009

Most likely to be the next Michelle Duggar.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a friend; my best friend actually from 12 to sometime in high school when we stopped talking. Now there was a time when I was in desperate search for this friend who was the only one who really knew me in my "formatory" years (yes I am allowed to make up words, especially when they are clever.). Namely when I was forming into a mother and I felt the need to connect with someone that knew the less complicated pre-teen me - and what ever. Well I found her when I was pregnant with #2 and we've kept very loose communication since. Okay enough back story I'll get to my point. :)

In the email she asked if i thought she'd changed much since highschool. I wasn't quite sure how to answer the question at first; because I know that I have changed exponentially since highschool. I also know that there are those people that never really change much staying on a pretty even path their whole lives sticking to whatever goals and motivations they have, and there are also those people that never change, move out of their moms house, or get jobs. In hind sight, she probably is more like one of those even path people, even though she got thrown off of hers by unforeseen circumstances, her constant motivation would lead her to another one and she would stay constant in her - well "her-ness". That concept, is alien to me. I tend to change constantly, lack sticktoitedness, and move with the eb and flow of what is thrown at me - as a result I have being thrown all over everyone's track so to speak and now I've just kind of ended up on my own pre-made for me (and not by me) track.

For instance in high school (or when I was 19 and moved into my van for that matter) I would have never been voted: "Most likely to bee the next Michelle Duggar", and now - well who knows, I like babies, I like having a tiny person to cart around that actually wants to hang out with me, they are cool to hang out and it's even cooler to watch them grow and become people, and when all those little concepts you've been teaching them finally come together - well that's just awesome. (I feel the need to also mention that though I do plan on having more babies I do plan on waiting a few more years before I have more... you know just in case my dad is reading this, I don't want to get a phone call about how nuts I am. *lol* I feel the need to be in shape, have a degree in my hand, and no children that have to have assistance to wipe their tushes before I take on the blessing of another little one - god willing.) I answered her (moreorless) by saying that I would have to hang out with her - based on my own ever constant, changing nature - to really know. *sighs* But I don't think she liked my responce because I haven't heard back from her. Then again that seems to be just the we "we roll".


Mama4Real said...

Totally thought you were gonna say you were pregnant! I would have jumped off a cliff FOR you :)

Mama4Real said...

Incidentally, I WAS voted most likely to be the next Michelle Duggar, even though no one knew who she was yet. My how things change...
I think I am completely different from highschool. We have our reunion this summer. I'm very nervous.

queen dani said...

*lol* yeah, initially the first line was going to be: No I'm not pregnant AGAIN!, but in the end I decided not to. I was actually never planing on having kids, I was going to travel around taking pictures, writing and enveloping myself in music... ah... yeah. obviously not what happened, though i suppose it did for while. Then came baby and everything changed, at least with me (not so for her dad) and the story goes on. *lol*


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