Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby's got Back!

Well we are officially cloth diaper-ers! The last part of my stash (which was oddly the diapers) got here yesterday. Then of course I had to wash them one million times to "prep" them... okay it was just three times. I had really wanted to get my boys into cloth last night but with all the washing, shopping for stupid enzyme free detergent (without success) and salmon cooking (why is salmon always takes longer to cook then it's supposed to?) it just didn't happen. The salmon was super yummy by the way. Anyway so I know you're just dying to know all about my starter stash, *lol* and even if you're not I'm excited to tell you.

Here it is!

16 Kissaluvs fitted Colours! (4 blue, 4 green, 4 natural, 2 yellow, and 2 orange... if you must know), to the left are 4 Thirsties hemp inserts, and to the right are 10 Kushies cotton inserts. I also got 2 Kushies wraps, which are effective but are simple, plastic and dull and I am far less proud of, these wool longies/shants modeled by beautiful tiny (25 lbs BTW) Teijah:

and these:

and back

for some reason neither pair of longies felt like being photogenic, but Teijah totally rocked them on his way to nap in his big boy caterpillar bed.
What's that? Where did I get this fantabulous upcycled, handmade *duh* wooley gear? Well I'm glad you asked. *grins* As you all know Etsy is truly my favourite place to shop; and procrastinate, and window shop *hint: if you ever for whatever reason felt the need to by me presents check out my favourites by clicking the Etsy sidebar* :) Ah, I can dream, can't I?
Well, I found these gems at an Etsy shop called Treebottom Wool. Teagan was awesome and was quick to answer my millions of many questions, and she even does custom pieces! I am so ordering a bright blue soaker (those are the ones that look like underwear, shorties = shorts, longies = pants... now you're educated *lol*) with the superman S on the butt when I get my job issues worked out!

Our first day of cloth diapering is going great except for the fact that after I changed the "last" poopy disposable, my little man decided to have the largest poo ever in his shiney new cloth diaper... and me not expecting a poo did not use a flushable liner... not that it would have mattered anyway because, like I said it was the biggest. Poop. Ever. But you know what? there was absolutely no poo outside the diaper! In fact I just thought he had urinated through, which apparently only happened because of the massive poo overload. Awesome. Little man does not need covers at home, at least for now *lol* unless he's on my bed or napping.

The best parts about cloth diapering so far (other than the ginormous poo not being on my house) seem to be things like:

a.) how my "thick" bottomed baby now has a faux bubble butt to go with his thickness.

"Smiles" (who is officially 20 lbs) is teething and is uncharacteristically un-smiley.

*grins* But, he's still willing to pose. Moving on.

and b.) Now I get to add a new "no - stop that" sentence to my resume... possibly the best ever:

"No, Teijah the baby's butt is not a pillow!"

Teijah laughing:"PILLOW!"

"No, silly! That's the baby's diaper!"

The. Best.

Oh, and one more...

because she (who is 50 pounds... officially of course *lol*) was feeling left out.


Mama4Real said...

Congrats! Glad you're finally "back" You're li'l 'badunkadunk' man sure is cute! 20 lbs!!! how old is he?

queen dani said...

lol yeah I was amazed when Hilary handed me his laptop this morning. I can't weight till I get mine back - then I can blog, or whatever as soon as I feel inspired. Like about a week ago Ori was trying avocado, but due to the nature of avocado it becomes a sintuation where your making small batch gauc or face masks. I opted for the facial, and then of course the kiddies wanted to do it too...and there I was without a computer, and my camera's battery was dead. It was tragic! He's five months & 4 weeks. Keep in mind he was 10 pounds & 24 inches at birth so really he's only doubled his birthweight. He's my ginormous baby. They have all been big.. Ha I'd probably have twins to ever have a small one.


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