Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!: The Rory Edition

Well it's Monday again and for us Monday means a much more relaxed mommy since there is no one around to freak out about the dishes not being done 15 minutes after dinner My Love's long trip to FIU, our schedule gets back on track after the weekend, and the kids to bed on time so I can watch House in peace and quiet while I pretend that I don't have children reflect on the glorious day I had teaching, nourishing, and enjoying the amazingness of my lovely, well behaved, obedient children. Ah, but House is in reruns so instead for your viewing pleasure I invite you to witness Not Me Monday! A stupendously eco-friendly and vastly entertaining blog carnival which was set into motion by our fabulous green queen MckMama. Visit her blog and bare witness to this wondrous forum where we (and you too) can deny our indiscretions and pretend they never happened.

Not Me Monday: The Rory Edition

That's Rowan Elíse to you, because I have always called her by her given name. I would never only refer to her as baby for the first 4 to 5 months of her life, because I love to name things (inanimate objects included) so it would be weird if when given the chance to name a human being I would suddenly decide it was not my place. I did not finally start referring to her as Rory Bear and eventually Rory.
I did not get the name Rory from that show the Gilmore Girls.
She does not ask me on a regular basis to call her by her given name. We also did not discuss referring to her by her actual name when deciding to name our youngest Ori so we could avoid having rhyming names. And I am not still referring to her as Rory, because I of course never did so it does not seem weird to suddenly start calling her something else. Her name is not mispronounced on purpose... but if it was it would be instead of

When she was born she did not look like Elmer Fudd, she also did not seem to cry every time I said she did.

She was not an astonishingly huge preemie weighing 7lbs 11oz even though she was over a month early.

I did not wait over a month to give her a bath because the uninformed new mommy that I was thought one had to wait until the umbilicus fell off to bathe a newborn.

I have never dumped baby food on her head.

When pregnant with #2 I did not obsessively feel the need to do things with her hair as a means of bonding.

These hair sessions did not sometimes take more than 2 hours.

I do not sometimes think we are too hard on her and wonder if she ever imagines she is Cinderella.

I am not equally in love with and completely frustrated by her.
I do not think she does things just to get a reaction all.the.time.
These are not all outdated pictures because it is ridiculously easy to get a "natural" picture of a child over three *heh*.


But she will always (seriously) be my snuggle bunny a.k.a partner in crime...

no matter how not: annoying, screaming, bicycle kicking doors, brother bitting, baby beating, saying she should live with her dad because he: is soda giving, allows video game playing, lets her do what ever she wants, ect., a tester of my patience, trying to constantly one up me... and on and on all that she is not

*smooches* to you, My first baby love.


Mama4Real said...

I totally can't remember what I was going to say.

One moment please...

Mama4Real said...

Ok. Yes. Now I remember. The "picture taking" It is impossible to get Ironman to do a normal smile. It is the most frustrating thing in the world, and I often end up throwing the camera onto a *soft* chair in frustration. When I take pics of Bucket, Ironman begs for me to take pics of him. How many pictures of him do I have to take with his fingers in his mouth or his tongue sticking out? RAWR!

And, I need the baby food dumping story!


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