Monday, June 8, 2009

Not me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me Monday! the spectacular blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not just grab My Loves laptop and run.

When I was plating up dinner last night and Ori suddenly stopped crying I did not turn around to see him happily sucking on a pork chop.I did not lovingly threaten My Love with the knife I was using to cut up the children's food.
I was not kept up all night and then woken up early by a gassy baby that should have never been given a pork chop, because you know I never have to worry about people giving the baby foods before he's ready for them... especially not a highly seasoned pork chop. Since I don't have to worry about people sneaking food to the baby I have never had to utter the sentence; "I put honey on those sweet potatoes, just so you know, in case you were going to try to sneak them to the baby."

If one were to peruse my iPod, they would not find a slew of "Disney Kids" songs that I of course do not know the words to. Despite the fact my 5 year old daughter thinks the Jonas Brothers are "hot", I have not "checked them out". (I have explained to her that she is five and thinks no one is hot, and that she just thinks she's supposed to say that because she heard it on t.v., and that is one of the reasons I've been contemplating throwing the t.v. away. Thankyouverymuch.)I do not think that Joe Jonas is the most attractive Jonas brother, because I'm a grown up and even if subjected to constant Jonas/Miley/Demi Lovato Mania I would never rate a teenager's appearance because they already have it hard enough. I also never wonder if any little girls actually crush on Kevin, the oldest Jonas.

I am so not avoiding registering my daughter for kindergarten, and hoping it will just go away.

I am not going to have to cut this short, since My Love did not play Myspace Poker all night and is not now prying his laptop out of my hands asking me to give him his laptop back so he can do it all last minute before school. And I am not going to beg him to leave it when he goes to school tonight. *sighs*


Mama4Real said...

LOL! Great post! You shoulda made Love be the one to get up w/ baby. Then you shoulda woke him up with a brisk slap across the face!!! HA HA H!

queen dani said...

Ah, I had actually threatened making him get up if the baby was fussy later, but you know he's not a myspace poker addict so he wasn't awake until I got up LOL so it wouldn't have been much of a punishment. I did complain when he camein the room and layer next to us, waking the grumpy baby who would not take the booby, and then just as I got him settled My Love (or dumb @$$ in this sintuation) plugged in his laptop which made the already annoying light 60% brighter waking baby again. Grrr Then he got it, you know in a toned down manner because we are both passive LOL but I'm pretty sure I swore alittle. He of coursetook it the wrong way, like I was being bothered by his stupid LT - making the point that I lay a screaming baby next to him all the time while he's sleeping... So after the little guy got back to sleep I felt the need to go out (to where he stormed out to) and explain that it had nothing to do with me it was the baby and yada yada yada... Men.

Mama4Real said...

I tagged you on my blog...


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