Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey! Look what I found!


Personally I think they should have gone with the name "Fruit Buddies" but whatever. These puppies aren't organic, but they are 100% fruit purees that seemed perfect for my progressive littlest punk-a-monk, who refuses to eat solid foods unless he can feed himself. I just gave him one to walk around with, a test run, so to speak. He currently thinks the concept is pretty awesome. I'm currently worrying about all the places I may find 100% fruit puree.

I'll let you know how it turns out.


Mama4Real said...

eeeeeheheheheee he is soooo cute!

queen dani said...

:) thanks! he's equally silly... so he almost cancels out his neediness, which can be endearing... so long as I'm not doing anything. *heh*

Anonymous said...

looks like a thoughtful little man you have there. we'll try those drink buddies out since i found that etta is totally into juice and drinking it on her own.

queen dani said...

yes he is a thinker for sure, very analytical, and certainly a smarty pants. :) The Buddy fruit things are actually more like applesauce than juice, I found them in the produce section. He did great with them BTW.

Courtney said...

I love this concept - if you are in fact looking for organic, Plum Tots makes an organic version of fruit andveggie purees in pouches. You can find them at most Babies R Us/Toys R Us or most healthfood stores.

queen dani said...

I buy as often as possible but I also shop by sales, sometimes we luck out and sometimes not. I was trying to only put {mostly} organic food into the littlest until he's at least 1, but his persistence on progression {i.e. his refusal to be fed} makes his diet a little less balanced and a little less wholesome. I love, love, LOVE the way theses pouches are constructed... no spills {like go-gurt}. He can just suck on them because of the spout. I feel like contact yogurt companies and telling them to jump on the sip pouch boat :), perfect for those babies that refuse to eat unless they can feed themselves.


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