Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

The boys did not just completely unravel my knitting project...
So, I figured there was no better time than now to present to you, my few loyal viewers, Not Me Monday! That fabulous MckBlog Carnival that gives desperate housewives housepeople {or you know, people in general. We don't discriminate because discrimination is icky. Moving on..} *ahem* desperate people *heh* That's really not quite the same is it?


Welcome to Not Me Monday! The fabulous MckBlog Carnival brainchild gifted to us by the stupendously spectacular MckMama, a marvelous MckForum for desperate housewives and the like to reveal their indiscretions and "oh no he di'nt" moments through the safety and false anonymity of our lovely blogiverse.

My high fiber diet and coffee intake combined do not sometimes create a force greater than Captain Planet. So I most certainly did not get a sudden "uncomfortable" feeling while sitting at Rowan E.'s bus stop at 5:50 a.m.. I did not suddenly stand up and squeeze my cheeks as tightly together as possible. The bus did not change it schedule from a 6:08 pick up to a 6:20 pick up with out notice. I did not contemplate squatting in the well maintained hedges, something like that would be atrocious, so I most definitely did not attempt to rationalize how it would be okay because it was still dark out. Rowan E., the smarty pants she is, did not decide to take the opportunity to "mommy me" and say "You should have gone before you left the house.". I did not groan and counter with the child patterned "I didn't have to go then." and promptly tell her to shush. When the bus finally arrived at 6:25 I could not be seen walking waddling, cheeks squeezed, pushing a stroller the mile home, praying the whole way that I "made it". I did not swear at my keys and the stroller for slowing me down in my pursuit of the toilet, and I most certainly did not leave Ori A. in the stroller to cry as I ran to the punk-a-monks' bathroom and managed to narrowly escape disaster.

Want to get in on the Not Me! Monday fun? Click here to find out how then head on over here to see what she, and everyone else is not doing.


Lisa Curcio said...

Oh No! That could have had a tragic ending...I am glad that everything worked out for you in the end lol.

Tina said...

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Don't forget to check out the other giveaways on my blog.

Mama4Real said...

award 4 u @ my place

Anonymous said...

so happy that you didn't have to go through that alarming experience. and also very happy to have been able to read it... you brightened up a rainy, dreary day.

Such The Spot said...

HA! I'm crackin' up over here just picturing the incident that did not happen to you.


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