Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car Shoes

Ori and I have been on the journey to much less boob for well over a month now. I'd be lying if I didn't say he hasn't been a bit reluctant to the process, but he also has had some really awesome moments. Once - just once {EVER} - since this process began he actually came to me to just sit in my lap and cuddle so he could fall asleep. It was awesome to feel like something more than the booby - the milk servant to a very pushy, alpha male complex-ified midget. He asks for boob; I offer him food instead. The only feedings he refuses to give up are those after he wakes up. We've gotten into a great routine for bed time and for awhile he would either not cry at all or cry for just a few minutes after I told him good night and closed the door, but something switched in his baby brain and now he cries until he settles. We were really ready to move on to the next stage in our relationship - the one were mommy is there for love and comfort with her shirt on - so most of the time the crying doesn't get to me. I know he's just making a lot of noise and getting his energy out. But then there are nights like last night - when he took a late nap and isn't quite as tired as he should be, but it's nearly 12 and he shouldn't be up that late (bedtime is 9), and he's running around super fast and happy in nothing but car shoes... then it pulls on my heart a bit. Oh the cuteness! The urge to just go and get him can be a bit nagging, but I just think about all the awesome times we have now; the ones were he just comes to me to get a hug or snuggle w/ me while I play video games or whatever it is I'm doing;  so many awesome times when I get to be a person worthy of his affection and not just a juice box... and that really makes it worth it.

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This is a great post Dani. Love it!!!


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