Monday, November 22, 2010

Because sometimes the tree doesn't want to be hugged...

Or hug back for that matter.

If you haven't already heard, Hilary fell from a tree Friday night and landed on his face. He likes to correct the fact that he fell by saying "I didn't fall... the branch broke -- and then the rest of them broke". Not being a tree climber myself I don't understand the need for distinction but I'm sure it has something to do with tree climber pride.

Of course, very few people fall 20 ft, break every branch on the way down, land on their face and end up without injury - and this event was no exception. He suffered injuries to his ribs as well as complex facial fractures, and a compression fracture in the lumbar section of his spine. 

We are still uncertain when he will be released from the hospital -- I know they are still trying to find a specialist to repair the bones in his face, and that tomorrow he meets with his physical therapist for his first go at walking since the accident (and I get to be there thanks to some lovely friends and family!).

 I have added a PayPal donation button to my blog (it's over there in the top right hand corner) for anyone who would like to donate to our family. We are lucky enough to have insurance which; as far as I currently know, will cover all the hospital costs -- but there will be several extra costs when he is released that will be difficult or not possible for us to cover; especially with the loss of his income. Feel free to pass it on, any amount helps.

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