Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

:) i'm back...
yes I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats!
So without further ado {because I'm currently low on ado} I bring to you:

That's right: Not Me! Monday - the stupendous iSoapbox where we can stand and deny all those thing that we do {or you know, do not that make us human.

*Fine Print*
Not Me! Monday is the colourful & sparkely brain child of the fabulous {incubating} MckMama!

Despite what Hilary will tell you, I absolutely have not spent enough money on these:

to buy one of these:

*not my picture*

since my espresso maker attacked me and died.

This may be my son..

But he certainly is not adorned with fake tattoos!

And WHAT? Those black fingernails?

Those are not his either!

In case there was any confusion, we are very green around these parts. I clean au natural w/ vinegar and such. If you came to visit and asked for a paper towel you'd be out of luck and we pretty much ride our bikes everywhere - even when the car is functioning. So, of course I have not officially {or otherwise} completely switched back to disposable diapers. My love for the environment is far greater than my love of not getting peed on... and I absolutely LOVE having to wash them.. it's very zen.

I mean seriously, Hilary is going to school to be an environmental engineer.. I could never do such a thing.. whats a little pee and funny fitting pants when we're talking about the planet.. I would never do that, nope not me... I'm the Queen of Cloth Diapering.

This is not officially the best thing at Starbucks:

And i with my fast nutritional knowledge did not see "reduced fat" and automatically assume low calorie. Nope not me!

Is there something you have not been doing lately that you'd love to get off your chest {and not in that man is this baby ever going to be done with breast feeding way... seriously, I am SO there}? Head on over here for complete rules and cute button, and then go here to see what MckMama and everyone else have not been doing!


Mama4Real said...

That's my favorite thing next to the Pumpkin Scone. But low-fat is such a joke in terms of *$ pastries!

Mama4Real said...

and um? Cloth diapers? I'm pretty sure you couldn't pay me to use them!

{Kimber} said...

that looks SOOO yummy!!!!!!!


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