Friday, July 2, 2010

perhaps we're a little more connected than I thought...

So it has been decided.
Like, really decided.
Sure, I've been talking about it and playing with the idea, randomly tweeting... and thinking about exactly where my convictions lie.
And even after all that I wasn't quite sure - but I was going forward with it - leaping blindly as I often do. So I started my day out searching for blogs, Vegetarian foodie blogs - good ones, hopefully some that avoided meat substitutes - because that's just stupid. I found a few hand fulls and told myself to come back to it later to sort out some sort of menu before I go shopping tomorrow.
The initial plan was to close the laptop and then start cleaning - you know because I've been trying hard to be a grown up and was thus distracted by the lovely internet. I did eventually get to my housework, of course H also came home much earlier than he should have and it is still not finished, but my ability to be a good grown up or at the very least good house winch is not the focus of this post so I'll get to it. So as H was buzzing about trying to find food because he was "starving", which is believable because he's 6 foot and weighs as much as a girl (seriously I need to feed him lard), I let him know that we'd be going mostly vegetarian because food cost is ridiculous. To which he responded,
"I was thinking about that."
Yes. He is super vague - all. the. time. Despite the fact he is a genius it kind of stops at the math... language and communication seem to escape him.
So I inquire "being vegetarian, food cost... the global economy?"
"Yeah" he says.
"Being vegetarian?" I say.
*heh* If H was a normal person this is where I'd gush that it was cool that even though I hadn't talked to him about it and even though I feel so disconnected from him on such a regular basis that we were still connected and communicating in some awesome sub-conscious telepathic way. But he's not that guy - you know the one that writes poetry, plays an instrument.. or even has long hair - so consider your selves gushed to.
And just like that it was decided.
yeah. tah-dah... or something like that.

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Mama4Real said...

hehehe. you're funny. I can't give up my meat though. i'm very carnivorous.


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