Thursday, February 7, 2008

the attempted return of supermom...

There was a time where I was indeed supermom - if not to the world then to all the kiddies I came across. I would dance, sing, play games, and randomly burst out in song -I was like all those t.v commercials: the kid's loved me.
*heh* but now well.... now is a different story. I suppose something happened the last time I was pregnant; perhaps I lost my patience, perhaps too many kids stole my toys and broke them - who knows... nothing can be as wonderful or as frustrating as a child... especially your own. My days have become full of threats (crazy ones) that I know I would never carry out, constant distraction from everything I am supposed to do, I can't even remember when the last time I planned out a days worth of meals was... and I am at constant battle with a mess... (*lol* okay I've always been messy so we'll cross that one off and switch it to the lifetime goals list)
I want to be supermom again! I want to have planned out "school" times and commit to them! I want to be equally great to both my children! I am so taking it back! No longer will frustration, lack of patience, and general adult hood get in the way of good parenting! No longer will I end sentences with "or I'll spank you"! No longer will I eat a whole bag of Reese's Cups in one day... wait a minute... *lol*
I'm going to own this mommy thing. *heh* somebody get me a cape... or at least a T-shirt.


Yix said...

:) post!!!!

Such The Spot said...

You're funny. I'd opt for the t-shirt. A cape is bound to just get in the way...


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